Commit yourself more fully to your life, yourself, your path, and your relationships by investing in this life-changing Mentorship. Shift your thoughts, your limiting beliefs, move through your heartache and victimization, and move into self-actualization. Live fully in your light by embracing and embodying your soul's natural state of integrity. The SOUL INTEGRITY MENTORSHIP serves as a guide and support as you do so, on your way to profoundly transforming the world for you and all of us.

Founder of the SOUL INTEGRITY MENTORSHIP and author of AURA PERSONALITIES, Staci uses her highly developed intuitive and empathic skills to teach and coach in the Mentorship. Being in class or private sessions with her is a privilege as she is able to feel the energy of every individual and lead accordingly. She has the uncanny ability to focus in on the one and guide you where your Soul most craves shifting and expansion.

The SOUL INTEGRITY MENTORSHIP is also for those who wish to further explore and experiment with their unique gifts in energy, creating, intuition, healing, paradigm-shifting, teaching, and helping others on their life paths in a safe, nurturing, supportive environment by a Mentor and others with similar proclivities. A certification in AURA PERSONALITIES is available for those who wish to pursue it.


"Honoring Self is the key to integrity. When we honor Self, we honor All." ~Staci Sadler

6-Month Advanced Soul Integrity Mentoring (2 Payment Options)

Option 1: Continue to attend Live Group Mentoring sessions twice a month or watch the Live Feed Online with the opportunity to ask questions and comment, continue to have access to all the Mentorship Class Videos, Journeywork, and a private Facebook group (Available for former Soul Integrity Mentorship students only).

Option 2: Includes everything in option 1 PLUS one-on-one  Private Tueday Mentoring Calls, up to 3 per month.



15-Week Mentorship w/Intensive Private Mentoring $2,400

Pay Now in full, or select our Installment Plan to make payments over time.


Installment Plan
Due at checkout* $600.00 USD
3 more payments due every month $600.00 USD
Total $2,400.00 USD


12-Week Mentorship w/Intensive Mentoring $1,800

Pay Now in full, or select our Installment Plan to make payments over time.

Installment Plan Amount
Due at checkout $600.00 USD
2 more payments due every month $600.00 USD
Total $1,800.00 USD


12-Week Mentorship w/out Certification $900